Registration Fees and Terms

On line Registration is available for Yachts, Trade Visitors, Exhibitors and Press.





Trade Visitors Fee: Euros 70 (per company valid for three persons). Badges to be supplied at the Registration office.



No Registration Fee for accredited press or media representatives who are welcome to register online.
Kindly contact the Registration office upon arrival for your invitations.

Two (2) invitations pre-registered Press Company for all the official events.


The East Med Yacht Show is open to all professionally crewed yachts that are compliant with their flag states for commercial charter activity.

The emphasis of the Show is on displaying quality crewed yachts, both motor and sail.

If the condition and overall standard of a yacht is questionable or unknown, the show committee may require the yacht to provide three Yacht-Condition Declarations. These Declarations are to be provided by Brokers who have personally inspected the yachts within the past 12 months or Brokers who have had successful charters with the yacht within the last 12 months.

The Show Committee’s decisions are final and non-disputable.

MANDATORY DOCUMENTS for each yacht registered at the Show:
      • Presentation of the Yacht’s Registry Certificate,
      • valid Insurance Certificate and
      • one external photo of the yacht in high resolution, minimum 15x10cm, landscape orientation and format:           tif, jpg (maximum quality, 300 dpi).

Registrations are only valid when copies of all necessary documents have been submitted along with the Registration form.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: All yachts should register by 7th April , 2017. However, some yachts may be accepted after this date depending on berthing availability and/or possible cancelations. Yachts that register after this date might not feature in the East Med Yacht Show brochure that will go to print prior to the show.

REGISTRATION FEE: Registration Fee is 150€ + 10€ for each meter of length overall.
Cancellation: up to and including April 20th = Refund 50% – After April 20th = NO REFUND

BERTHING FEES: Yachts shall be allocated a berthing at the discretion of the Show Committee.
Berthing shall be provided by courtesy of the MARINA ZEA.


Water                                    5,69€/m3      
Power           0,20€/kw
Telephone           0,06€/unit
 Vacuum use  up to 15m= 5€/use
above 40m=70€/use

Power Connection & disconnection

during hours 22:00-07:00 (next day)

The weekend: 18:00-10:00 (next day) 

Single phase power: 50€
Three-phase power: 70€

Internet Wi-Fi



3 days-6,45€ (standard)

3 days-11,29€ (premium)

 At previous prices the tax 24% is not included.

Yachts are expected to arrive no later than 4th May, 2017. Be advised that the viewing days of the yachts will begin on May 5th, 2017 and continue through May 7th, 2017. Yachts are expected to depart NO EARLIER THAN May 8th, 2017.

POLLUTION POLICY: Any yacht deemed to be causing a nuisance amongst other yachts and exhibitors will be asked to leave. The Show reserves the right to exclude yachts whose exhaust causes a problem to others (in this case the yacht participation fee is not refundable).

CONFIRMED YACHTS: REGISTRATION IS NOT TRANSFERABLE FROM ONE YACHT TO ANOTHER. It is recommended that each yacht provides a proper and up-to-date brochure, a detailed crew profile and a complete list of sports, entertainment and communication equipment.

All attending Yachts are encouraged to register to HPYOA or SITESAP.

The Owner and/or Charter Manager representing the registered yacht agrees that any - Show Committee decisions made regarding the yacht’s acceptance to the 2017 East Med Yacht Show remain final and definitive.

Each Charter Manager should complete a Broker Registration Form and pay attention to the Broker registration rules & conditions.

Central Agents are kindly requested to respect the Show Event schedule for the specific quays when organising events on their managed yachts. Parties onboard during the Show period shall be restricted to officially registered attendees of the East Med Charter Show.

The Show Committee reserves the right to issue additional rules or to modify existing rules at any time depending on requirements as they may arise in the course of organizing a show to the best possible benefit of those participating.

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